Long journey for mother’s milk

I got the article from someone's blog.. I don't have any intention to do plagiarism.. I just want to give awareness to others about breastfeeding.. And also to keep up the spirit to those who is still breastfeeding or going to breastfeed their child..

By ANGELA SHAFFER, Special to the Standard-Times
Wednesday, January 9, 2008
Standard-Times photo by Patrick Dove

Every two weeks since early September 2007, young Silas Bohl has received a special package from halfway around the world. His mother, Capt. Ginger Bohl, is deployed with the Air Force in Afghanistan. The packages contain 30 to 40 pounds of frozen breast milk that travels in a convoluted, globe-trotting shipping route from the war zone to the Bohls’ home. Ginger Bohl’s deployment wraps up in mid-January, and she hopes to be back in San Angelo in time for Silas’ first birthday.

Mike Bohl unpacks a cooler of frozen breast milk with his son Silas in their San Angelo home. The milk comes from Bohl’s wife, Air Force Capt. Ginger Bohl, who is deployed in Afghanistan.
Toddler Silas Bohl gets special deliveries every two weeks from his mom halfway across the globe, and he just eats them up.

Silas turns 1 later this month. His mom, Ginger Bohl, is deployed overseas and sends her breast milk home from a war-torn land.

“It’s my wife,” says Michael Bohl, her husband and Silas’ father. “She is an amazing woman - her spirit, her faith, everything about her just shines.”

Ginger Bohl, an Air Force captain, is an active-duty doctor deployed in Afghanistan from Goodfellow Air Force Base. Since leaving in late August, Bohl has sent home biweekly shipments of her breast milk, frozen and shipped in 30- to 40-pound quantities directly to the Bohl family.
Thirty-five pounds of milk is about 4 gallons’ worth. This delicate commodity makes it halfway across the planet, a distance of more than 8,000 miles, in just three short days.

While Michael Bohl and the children have spent the majority of the recent months in Michigan visiting family, Ginger made time each day to pump milk using a Medela breast pump. Michael said she had reservations about being able to pump and store the milk on a daily basis.
Electricity and a working freezer were a must - what if the necessary facilities weren’t available?

“My wife left with faith that everything would be provided for,” Bohl said. “And it has.”
Ginger sends the breast milk to her stateside family in one of several Igloo Ice Cube coolers using DHL shipping services. Michael then packs the cooler with items he thinks she might want or need and sends it back. He recognizes that not every family is as fortunate as his, as the shipping costs could be prohibitive.

“We’re really blessed that we can afford to make these shipments so often,” Bohl said. “But it can get quite pricey, and because of that, it’s cost-prohibitive for a lot of military families.”
On a recent day at the Bohl home, Olivia Bohl, 3 1/2 years old, squealed with delight as she played with her toys and listened to music. Her brother Silas was down for his daily nap, and Michael Bohl took a breath of temporary relief known only to those who have the important job of raising children.

Since no moratorium exists on training exercises or deployment for breast-feeding mothers, Michael Bohl said, he feels that the military should make more of an effort to provide facilities for mothers who choose to breast-feed.

“What I’d really love to see the military do is provide compensation for families who choose to breast-feed their children,” he said, “even though the mother is away on deployment.”
However, the problem is not simply cost-related: Bohl said he recognizes that what some take for granted in the U.S. is simply not an option in many parts of the world.

“Something as simple as an electrical outlet and a freezer can make all the difference,” he said.
Lt. Col. Susan Baker at Goodfellow Air Force Base said that there has been no moratorium on deployment for breast-feeding mothers beyond the first four months of a child’s life since late 2006. Baker acknowledged that deployed breast-feeding mothers can encounter obstacles. “It’s highly dependent on where a person is deployed,” she said. “Some places are better-equipped than others.”

Help with wrangling bureaucracy would help many families that share the Bohls’ desire to breast-feed. Bohl says his family encountered a lot of red tape when trying to ship the breast milk. Shipments have been held up by customs and the USDA because of the potential for infectious diseases. “There’s one guy at JFK (airport in New York City) who is now very informed about the benefits of breast-feeding and why we needed the milk right away,” Bohl said. “I was even sent to the IRS to get the milk because they thought we were running some kind of Afghani breast-milk ring.”

Through all the mishaps and difficulties, Ginger Bohl has been able to provide vital nutrition for Silas.

In an additional contact provided by the United Through Reading military program, Ginger also has been able to read to her children. Through the use of a webcam, the children are able to see their mother whenever they wish.

Ginger Bohl returns to her family in a few days. Whether Silas will be able to resume breast-feeding with his mother is unclear.

“She’s been gone for so long, nearly half of his life,” Bohl said. “Every time he hears her on the TV, he crawls up to touch it. He knows her face and her voice. He knows his mommy. I know it won’t be a problem.”

High Impact Team - HIT a.k.a Team Building..!

HIT - Keep up the spirit people..!

I had some sort of get away last week.. Though I'm still tired, aching here and there, but I really enjoyed HIT..! Boy.. It was great.. I took the chance to let go all my tense (fyi, KKBP terima tetamu2 yang digeruni - AUDITOR)..
Aku & Kak Zarina - Pit Stop game

Presenting.. Our F1 driver - Rashid.

Mama & my cousin took care Amaar Muhaimin during the HIT. Thank you girls..! Mmuah..! Without them, I could've gone pening..! Ehehe.. So, the program start on the 17th May which was last Saturday.. Oh ya.. HIT dibuat di Selesa Hillhomes Resort, Bkt Tinggi. The place wasn't so bad at all.. I'm not choosy as long as my lil' son, my mom & my cousin comfortable, I'm ok with it.. As usual, we started with ice-breaking.. The best part was Arman & I were in the same group (fyi, we work at the same place).. Adzmie tak puas hati.. hahaha.. Nasib la Dik Mie oiii.. ehehe.. 1st day of HIT we did indoor activities.. But it was really fun..! Diorang (fasilitator) tu memang pandai melawak, pandai menyentuh hati.. Insaf banyak aku gi HIT.. Hope it can last till forever.. Amin.. hehe..

Me, Am, Irah, Wawa & Ayie sibuk bergambar time aktiviti

By the way, one of the activities that we did was The Chemistry.. If I'm not mistaken each person must answer 100 questions in 1 minute, WITHOUT reading the questions twice. Sebab dah tak reliable jawapan tu kalo baca 2 kali.. I like that kind of activity.. Dengan khusyuk tawaduk aku menjawab sume soalan tu.. Basically, the answer scheme was like this. There were 4 columns, each colume represent 4 colours. Jingga, Hijau, Biru & Emas.. So, to cut it short, after finished answering the questions, we've to count how many jingga, hijau, biru & emas. The highest score shows what type of colour you are.. So, mine was Jingga.. Memang jingga people kena kutuk jer masa aktiviti tu.. Orang Jingga nie - orang yang suka kebebasan. Meaning, we don't like rules, selalu nak enjoy, suka amik risiko, meja bersepah-sepah. Aku dengan irah tergelak-gelak bila sampai bab meja bersepah.. Memang btul..! Nak-naknya kalo time masing-masing terlebih sibuk.. Irah dengan aset, aku dengan kualiti. Duduk dah la meja sebelah-sebelah. Nan pulak orang Biru.. Memang tepat sekali..! Orang biru nie - org yang tenang.. Tak suka gaduh-gaduh, empati tinggi, harmoni, romantik.. Memang tepat lah dengan Nan! Sekali lagi aku & Irah tergelak-gelak sakan bila fasi tu cakap "Orang biru kalau ada orang lain gaduh2, dia mesti cakap.. Ee.. jangan gaduh-gaduh..". haha!! Tepat dengan Nan..! Sian Nan, dapat kawan2 best cam aku & Irah yang berwarna Jingga.. hahaha!! As for orang Emas pulak.. Skema, ikut peraturan, buat keje ikut prosedur, keibubapaan.. Tapi kalau terlalu dominan sangat, org Emas nie akan jadi ibubapa yang rigid.. orang Hijau pulak - suka berfikir dgn kritikal, analitikal. Apa-apa jer nak buat, mesti fikir dulu. Pastu kitaorg kena duduk dengan warna masing-masing. Then we were given a majong paper & we must list down what is our DREAM OFFICE.. Ahaha!! Orang Jingga kan nak enjoy jerr.. So, kitaorg punya dream office ialah - No CCTV, No Thumb Print / No Punch Card, ada rumah urut, ada spa, ada tempat main game mesti ada PS, pantry mesti tip top macam-macam lah lagi. Orang suka enjoy lah katakan.. Memang beza dengan orang Emas & Hijau.. Orang hijau nak high tech office. Nak almari fail sebut nama jer terus kuar fail mana satu.. Ahaha! Bila dah siap list Dream Office tu baru lah fasi elaborate.. Memang btul lah Dream Office tu menunjukkan ciri-ciri personaliti seseorang.. ehehe.. Aku orang Jingga selama nie.. Tp aku rasa aku tak dominan.. Sebab tu aku boleh lagi selari dengan ISO.. Ehehe..

Abah & Mama Amaar tunggu turn utk Telefon Buruk

F1 Kolej Komuniti team yang best..! *F1 Kolej Komuniti, that was our group's name.. Our motto - 1 focus, 1 team, 1 believe..

The next day, we had 7C Explorace.. Aduh.. Semput aku dibuatnya.. Naik bukit turun bukit.. Mama Amaar dah tak fit dah.. huhu.. Tapi aktiviti yang paling best, Samurai Warrior.. Setiap team pilih 6 samurai warrior, I was one of the Samurai.. Masuk-masuk bilik, gelap, yang ada 1 lilin jer kat tengah-tengah.. Lima kumpulan keliling api.. Kat tepi lilin terpacak lah sorang Master Samurai, named Nakamura.. Siap lengkap baju, seluar, topeng, pedang berwarna hitam. Ada background Japanese music, ala-ala nak bertempur. Naik juga la bulu romaku.. Pendekkan cita.. Nakamura soh berlawan, tapi dengan syarat, 3D.. Determinasi, Dedikasi, Disiplin.. Pastu kitaorg pakai baju ninja. Siap ada pedang, ikat kepala. Pastu, Nakamura tunjuk cara berlawan. Setiap sorang samurai lain cara lawan.. Aku samurai kedua dalam team aku.. Aku kena lawan Samurai Anaconda.. Ahahaha!! Mengekek aku kat depan masa Nakamura tunjuk demo.. Dua-dua tangan angkat ke atas, tangan kiri pegang pedang, tangan kanan angkat tapi jangan sentuh pedang. Sebelah kaki kena angkat, sebelah lagi kat lantai. Then, kena turun naik sambil sebut "Psst.. Psst..". Sapa paling lama, turun naik tak berenti, dia menang.. Aku orang kedua menyerah kalah.. Tak tahan gelak & kaki ku sakit..!!!!! Ahahah!! Sape yang gi memang mengekek ketawakan aksi-aksi. Ada yang kena buat Samurai Horseman la.. Samurai Superman..

Tapi dalam seronok, objektif aktiviti tu ialah bila kita bekerja, kita kena terapkan semangat Samurai. Actually dalam hidup kita kena contohi semangat tu.. 3D - determinasi, dedikasi, disiplin.. Kalau ada 3 elemen nie, mesti negara kita berjaya macam Jepun.. Macam cerita The Last Samurai, maharaja Jepun masa tu dah ke budaya Barat, pakai baju-baju macam mat saleh zaman dulu.. Samurai-samurai Jepun bermati-matian pertahankan semangat Samurai & Jepun supaya tak jadi cam orang putih. Ketua Samurai dipanggil Shogun akhirnya mati mempertahankan maruah samurai & orang Jepun & Tom Cruize sendiri menyerahkan pedang Shogun pada maharaja Jepun & sampaikan amanat Shogun.. in the end, maharaja baru sedar & dia cakap lebih kurang camnie laa.. "Walau dimana kita berada, kita mesti jangan lupa asal usul kita & semangat samurai". Sebab tu lah dalam masa 50 tahun Jepun bangkit semula sejak Nagasaki & Hiroshima jadi padang jarak padang terkukur.. Bagusnya kalau kita rakyat Malaysia ada semangat macam tu.. Hidup bersatu padu, ada semangat yang kental, sentiasa berfikir nak berjaya, tak da perasaan aku-aku, kau-kau..

I gained a lot from HIT.. Yang penting.. Bila bekerja, kena ikhlas & gembira..! Sentiasa sebut TIGEEEEE ------> :D


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