Best Friend Forever: Premium Beautiful & Nurich Lacto-lite

The benefits of combining Premium Beautiful and Lacto-Lite are undeniable. Many are already aware of Premium Beautiful's benefits, such as natural body-sculpting, improve of blood flow and general well-being, male and female body health and restore women's confidence. In essence, Premium Beautiful will contribute to:

70 % health + 30 % beauty = 100 % confidence

Nowadays, with time constraints and hustle and bustle of life, we are prone to eating fast foods such as 2-minutes noodles (Maggi), McDonalds, KFC and other. Little we realize how detrimental this diet can be to our health. These foods are rich in artificial flavours, preservative, excess sugar and salt and other chemicals. This will affect our digestion system such as the intestines.

Do you know that healthy intestines are the most effective tools in fighting and preventing diseases?

A person with unhealthy intestines will experience the following: exhaustion, dull skin, bloated stomach, headache and many others that will lead to more health problems. So let's take a second to think of our diet since young.

If you have always practiced healthy diet and lifestyle, well done! But for others who do not, this is a good time to start eating healthily and caring for your intestines.

So, what is Lacto-lite?

Lacto-lite is a health supplement made of Live Culture Yogurt Powder and Inulin – it is packed with the goodness for human digestive system, hence the body. They symbiotically produce probiotic and prebiotic effects and do not contain any hazardous chemical such as laxatives, therefore will not cause stomach cramps or diarrhea.

  Lacto-lite contains:

1.      Live culture yogurt powder

2.      Inulin

3.      Konjac powder

4.      Oligo-fructise

5.      Maltodextrine

6.      Vanilla powder and silicon dioxide

7.      Permissibile for conditioner (anti-movements agents)

Benefits of Lacto-lite

1.      Flattens the tummy

2.      Assist weight reduction

3.      Improves food digestions

4.      Improves metabolism

5.      Removes toxins in the body (detox)

6.      Enhance the growth of good bacteria in the digestive system

7.      Reduces constipation

8.      Enhance vitamin synthesis
How to take Lacto-lite?

·         To a sachet of Lacto-lite, add cool water/200ml. Do not add hot water because that will kill the Live Culture.

·         Some prefer to tak lacto-lite with other drinks such as yogurt drink (Nestle Bliss), Milo, fruit juice.

·         Lacto-lite does not have any taste.

·         Stir & drink.


·         Drink at least 800ml of water every day.

 ·         Eat more fruits and vegetables.

Lacto-lite is only RM158/box & it contains 25 individual sachets. It is also suitable for nursing mothers.
If you are already wearing Premium Beautiful, I encourage you to try Lacto-lite. You will be very amazed..!

 Kak Ana look 20 years younger..!!!


haizi said... [Reply to Comments]

eh lactolite xde rase eh?
kalau nak campor dgn air soya pon bole kan?

brape harga eh?


Nur Faziha said... [Reply to Comments]

Hi Haizi..

Tak da rasa.. boleh nak campur denga soya.. no problem.. :)

Harga RM158 sekotak ada 25 sachets..

Kalau nak, contact Fazi terus atau isi form kat atas ada.. Terima kasih.. :)

Anonymous said... [Reply to Comments]

kalau menyusu baby boleh makan tak? ada side effects?

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